We purchased this theme because it ticked almost every box for what we wanted and the customization options provided were fantastic in terms of moving around the menus, colors, Shopify sections, etc.

We’ve had a few things come up that needed an alteration (like the mobile cart running off the page or menu not aligning quite right) and the the theme creator fixed them immediately, as WELL as resolving other small requests that we’ve had that could easily have fallen under the category of “customization requests”.

These guys go well above and beyond what you’d expect for customer service to get your theme and your shop exactly how you’d like with Fastor and I would absolutely buy from them any time we need another theme ever again.


Super fast theme and AMAZING customer support, I got all the issues i had fixed in less than 2 hours, thanks Scott πŸ™‚


Excellent piece of template! Scott from support was amazing in helping us customised to the way we like it. definitely worth the purchase.


Very helpful and awesome themes!


Great Customer Support! The theme is easy but takes a couple of days of getting use to. Would definitely recommend this shopify theme!


This is a well thought out theme that has met all my requirements.

The support has been outstanding!


The customer support has been impeccable. A clean theme and super lightweight. Would recommend.


This is the best support i have ever received for any product i have purchased in past 7 years.

theme is awesome. these guys have thought for everything you want to customize, for some more complex customization which can not be integrated on backend, their support helps you to achieve it. i wanted to redo the product page for maximum conversions, and Scott helped me through out to get it done to the perfection. big shout out to scott. superb theme, superb support.


Thank you so much! The support team is very helpful and very kind! I recommend his themes a lot!

I resolved my doubts very fast thanks for the support team.
I really appreciate it!


I recommend this theme, it is good design and the customer support is very helpful!


Quick and good support, thanks.


I purchased all 5 of the top rated Shopify themes on themeforest plus have purchased many premium themes directly from Shopify.

This theme is BY FAR the best one.

The pre made layouts are very well put together. The designers who designed it are very creative.

There are so many different things to customize that it can be very overwhelming (which it was), but there documentation is very thorough and they have videos to watch.

The support is amazing. You will get a fast answer and they are very willing to help. Plus, they answer each question you ask. Most support teams will forget a question or two from your email. These guys don’t.

Last thing to rave about is how clean the code is. The other “top rated” themes on theme forest barely work on mobile (they are glitchy and images don’t resize properly).
This theme works perfect on mobile and the images re size the way they should (it’s truly a responsive theme).

Don’t waist your time with any other theme. Take my word for it! You will not be disappointed.


Amazing Product and the Custumer Support is really friendly and they helped me very fast when i had a question!


I’ve bought multiple licenses for this theme, as it’s quite simply the best I’ve seen for Shopify.

An extra bonus is, that their customer support is one of the best I’ve ever come across. Very helpful and quick to solve any problem you might have.

I encourage everyone to try out this theme.


Is a really good theme, but the 5 stars is because they have the best costumer support I have seen in my life.


amazing fast support team!! help my problem under 5 min


This is a FANTASTIC, highly customizable theme with 70+ skins that supports Shopify sections. The Fastor 2.0 YouTube series of 54 support videos is a wonderful resource that walks you through the entire process – from installation to publishing your site, and the support team ALWAYS replies in a timely manner to every question I ask with helpful direction (Thanks, Scott! You’re the best!).

I cannot recommend this theme, its features and documentation and its support team enough.

What a great find!


Although it is a no brainer that buying this template would meant savings on hiring a web designer / programmer for your site, it is still highly encouraged to be hands-on and to be equipped with some technical knowledge and Shopify know-how’s, even if you’re following the “Theme Guide” (which is rather detailed with screenshots and all) provided.

That being said, Thomas has been an extreme delight, replying promptly, being earnest to help and patient in solving, despite my persistent questions and insistence on nitpicking any errors. Roartheme have definitely changed my mind with their excellent website design and even wonderful support staff, thumbs up! (:


I have bought this theme and the Material theme.

The support guy help with any problems you have. So the theme is so easily customisation. Defiantly worth getting. Personally prefer the material theme but both great.


Multiple themes on envato have features that allow easy customization and sectioning. But there are not many that provide the level of support that Roar Themes does. Of the dozens of purchases I’ve made on envato, this is the first time I’ve gone out of my way to leave a review. Fastor is the best shopify theme on themeforest.


They help me with all my questions.
Great theme and great Customer Service


Beautifully coded theme. I give RoarTheme 5-star Rating! The team, especially Scott N. provided Superb Help & Support. He read through my questions & concerns thoroughly. Helped solve minor bugs in speedy manner. Problem solved quickly while provided possible options & alternatives. I look forward to continue constructing my store on the Eva theme. Thanks again for RoarTheme’s wonderful work. Best Regards, N.


Great clean design and animation! Superb customer support; helped me by changing the bits of codes on shopify. Very very recommended! Thanks again, Scott.


Great and fast support


Really great support! and awesome theme.


Excellent theme πŸ™‚


Just an amazing theme.
Thank you so much!


But i ordered a ”Fastor Market theme”, i get a ”Fastor defaut one page checkout them ”


awesome theme and functionality for v2.0


This is a beautiful theme with a proactive creator who is is highly responsive when requesting support.

Extremely interesed in seeing an Eva V2 where there would be additional functionality so that it can become the best that it can be in the theme market.


Great, fast and kind customer support. Thomas has just done some custom modifications for us πŸ™‚


Very quick and kind customer support. Happy to have bought this theme


One of the dopest themes I’ve found on the market. Digging the continuous improvements and subtle, but necessary layout options.

You’ll also find that the product comes thoroughly supported by a responsive team who really wants to help you make the most of your buying decision.

You’ll find the visual documentation to be helpful, also, especially if you’re one who doesn’t get a bunch of software / design terminology.

The drag and drop feature allows you to quickly try out some of your layout ideas and help you structure your content in way that makes sense and helps your brand stand out.

And I don’t want to leave out just how great it is that it supports Google fonts (though I would love to see Typekit integration in the near future). Just add the font name and see it quickly populate in action.

Can’t say enough about it and am super happy I made the purchase.

Looking forward to this theme developing over the course of use.

Thanks again for all the support, guys.



love the customer service
even my English is not good, they understand a point and give a direction to solve the problem


Excellent theme and excellent support everything I’ve asked for has been done in a timely and satisfactory manner ….very impressed!


The service provided is simply excellent. I needed a lot of assistance with creating menus, adding images, expanding my subheading options. They even offered to customize certain elements that were not readily available on the existing template. The template provided is massive with so many options it’s hard to comprehend. They always offered extremely useful assistance in a very timely manner. The money spent on this theme seems very inexpensive in comparison to the services offered. Scott N. was a great help


This is by far one of the nicest themes i’ve ever worked with in my years of development. The support is beyond amazing and they make sure that everything you need help with is taken care of.

You have the ability to customize the website to your liking to a certain extent but it has more than enough to make sure your website looks A1.

I can not express the quality of the support though. They respond to you within an hour with everything you’ve asked for. They go above and beyond to make sure that your satisfied.

Would rate them 10/10 if I could.


The theme is awesome and easy to use, the support is quick and very professional.


Eva theme is the best in design and feature without compromising on the site speed.

5 star for there support team.


Thank you for your professional and quick support


This really is a comprehensive theme. Well documented. Beautifully designed, and follows in the shopify aesthetic. There are tons of things to customise, but this flexibility is appreciated. Plus their support forum gives fivestar support.


This is one of the best themes for shops.
I say this for many reasons but the top ones are:

1. Support was great. I fell asleep with 2 issues and when i woke up evertyhing was fixed. This is really important especially if you have the learning curve and time is money.

2. The theme has so many skins. You can build like 30 DIFFERENT websites but the main theme will be the same. So if you create one and you get used to it then its super easy to multiply πŸ™‚

The developer was super friendly so far and i am more than happy with my purchase πŸ™‚


I’m quite impressed with the attention to detail that makes this theme looks premium. You can actually feel the quality. The support is very responsive too.


I have customised many Shopify themes over the years and only very rarely do you find a theme of such high quality. The attention to detail is incredible and I recommend this to anyone looking to product a high quality store. I haven’t had a single problem like the ones above and the support team is awesome.

Awesome Work Guys! πŸ™‚


The theme itself is awesome not only because of its features but also its ease of use but what sets Roar Themes apart from the rest is their after service! Quick, detailed and friendly, Roar Themes has the best customer service! Good job, guys!


Love this theme!


I was chose 10 STARS if there were.
Everything is great here. The template itself, the customer service, Code, Design, Instructions.

A++!! RECOMEND for all πŸ™‚


I purchased this theme a few months ago to setup my first shopify store. I was attracted by the built-in apps and beautiful design. However, I was not prepared for the complexity of customizing this theme.

I was overwhelmed and requested a refund. The support was polite and helpful. I changed my mind. I was assisted by two support agents (Scott and Phil) who have worked with me weekly to solve my problems and help me customize my webstore. I ended up keeping the theme and not taking the refund. The support has been amazing and my webstore is nearly complete.

I would reccommend this theme to more experienced webstore owners, however, if you have the patience to learn and work with the support, you can create a good looking webstore. Thank you Scott and Phil.

Thank you,


Great theme, even better support. I had a few minor requests and support helped me with everything without any hassle and super quick response!

Thank you


Great theme and even greater support team.
Its now 2 month we are working together and they ve always been there anytime we needed. The theme in itself is beautiful and highly customizable. They really know what they are doing!!!

You can see the result here:

We want to warmly thanks all the RoarTheme and wish them all the best for now and the future.


Beswaag Team


I have purchased many themes in the past but this is the first Shopify theme and from browsing through all the rest, these guys produce the most eye catching layout designs out there and packed full of features to sell our products better.

5***** well done.


I’ve purchased many many templates on here and Queen is by far one of my favourite! You will love how easy it is to use, it is very user friendly!

BUT, their customer service, replies, fixing issues… you name it… is worth 10 STARS not just 5!!!

I am so impressed by how quick they fix things, as well as how quickly they respond!


A beautiful theme that is super easy to customise. Extremely detailed and well written documentation makes customisation a breeze.I ran into a couple of very minor hiccups but customer support responded and took care of it within a few very short hours… it’s rare to get such amazing support in such a short amount of time. Five stars for the theme, five stars for documentation quality, and five stars for customer support – Excellent service, excellent theme!


Thanks Scott for helping. Quick respond!


These guys mean business. The theme is so easy to customize with a ton of features, but what really sets it apart is the amazing support that I’ve received from Roartheme. They have been happy to help with minor changes without charge (e.g. moving elements around, adjusting sizes, adding snippets), and only charge a nominal fee for more complex modifications. Would happily buy this again for other projects and highly recommend this theme to others. Buy it!
We use it on www.gamory.com.au, check us out πŸ™‚


Awesome theme with great support!


Pretty good customer support. Was happy with the service and design of the theme. They helped me to make it look exactly the way I wanted it to.


Shout out to the team, they are very great at helping me out! I often don’t ask for help unless I get stuck, they carefully explain and fix issues to make it easy to understand. πŸ˜€ THANKS!! HIGH RECOMMEND the theme: so many variations.


Love this theme. A lot of features and customizability. Customer support was awesome and helped me modify the theme.


If you need something easy and robust for customization this is a great template to use for your Shopify store. If you don’t want to take pictures of every color for every product this is the template to buy.

The support is 5 stars, very quick and great.


Really like this theme. It’s sweet right out of the box, I used Fashion 2 and really only made a few changes of code and it has been a treat. Customer Service has been relatively helpful but would like a bit more 1:1 msg to save time if possible. thanks, will use again.


We used the Material Theme by Roar and have been so thrilled with the overall result.

Our website is regularly complimented on its design and usability.

Any issues we have come across, or questions we have, are quickly replied to and solved.

I couldn’t be happier with our choice to use this theme.


On top of this theme being extremely well built and full of great features and functionality the support is of an extremely high standard. I wouldn’t hesitate in taking out the extended support package too.


Amazing theme and support!


This theme is fantastic, so many customisation options, an absolute slew of premade site layouts, it’s just great.

The customer service is top notch, too. I’ve never seen better!


Awesome theme with even better customer support.
Thomas at RoarTheme has found a solution to every modification we have needed to make in a very timely manner.
I cannot say enough good things about this theme and the staff behind it. Thanks Thomas!


Great Customer Support, very helpful and fast.


FAST reply,
Awesome theme.
Awesome design
Awesome Guys.
Keep going.
thank you


Purchased this theme in 2014, only really started playing round with it this last month, RoarTheme’s support is absolutely 5 star and more than willing to answer question and even going in on the backend and helping out. They definitely want us to succeed in our ventures! Much Appreciated


At first this theme can seem a bit overwhelming with the amount of settings it has, but once you get used to it, you’ll appreciate the immense amounts of customization you can do.

I run several Shopify stores and from now on this is probably the only theme I will be using for them. And if it lacks something in customization, their great support will make up for it, they’ll go out of their way to help you πŸ™‚


pretty good support


These guys know EXACTLY what they are doing! Best customer service that I have ever experienced. If you’re looking for a clean, modern website RoarTheme is what your looking for. I have used these guys for years and I cannot be more happier. Communication is key when running an online business and they do it well! They will customise your website and are very fair with their prices. I give RoarTheme 150% and 10 thumbs up!

Keep up the amazing work guys!


Very good customer support


Beautiful theme and amazing customer support! They helped fix the small issues we had on our store πŸ™‚


Excellent customer support, very willing to help you out and go the extra mile to make sure any issues you have are resolved. excellent service.


Generally well. I like it. I wish a Material Template version with HTML and/or PHP files. And with comparing products feature.

Thank you very much all team. Good work.


I appreciate their customer support, especially their code modification & customization support!

They are very professional, fixing bugs quickly and very helpful!


Customer support is awesome! I’m a complete newbie and support helped me setup my theme perfectly. They were completely patient and helpful. I purchased a theme before this one and couldn’t contact anyone. Roartheme was very helpful. I recommend them to anyone trying to build a site.



This theme is MASSIVE. There are so many options to choose from, how they lump everything into one is beyond me. It is also very well done. The customer service is also very good and they were very answering questions so I could do more tinkering. Best experience I have had so far.


The customer support is very help and quick.temp has great design








I would rate this theme. Six Stars! The best one from lots of themes I bought here. before I bought Yourstore and was very disapointed. But this Theme fixed my frustration and I can recommend it 100%


Really love the amount of customisation and the style of this theme. What I didn’t like is where you have 20+ options in a drop down menu for several features like Header style. The number has no description whatsoever. So you kind of need to go through every. single. one. to see what looks nice on your store.

Then you’ll have to do this with loooots of other theme features like button styles, footer styles etc.

I do love the amount of customising options but its been designed in a really bad way.

I did consult their online documentation, but it shows the examples for their example store. It still looks different in your own store because you might have 30 odd other settings in place.

It also takes a LONG time to load the different options. Say you choose Header style 27, you have to wait quite awhile before the theme loads it. Then you want to see what 28 looks like… etc. I spent 10 minutes just cycling through the header options. This is the only theme it happens on for me. It took the fun out of designing my store.

I like the theme but good gravy it needs work within the theme editor. Hopefully it gets updated with sections which might help with the organisation of the settings.

I ended up opting for a more simple (& much quicker) theme.


Theme is well written and very comprehensive.
After setting up our page and testing on GTmetrix and Page Speed the figures are really good. As for customer service responses are within 24 hours and detailed. www.shimstock.co.za


Excellent template and even better customer support! Best template available.


Excellent Theme and Perfect Support! They respond to my emails really fast and solved all issues so far!

Highly recommended!


Thank you so much for the help guys. It was partially my fault. I’m truly sorry for all the troubles. I truly love this theme. Keep up the good work.


This theme is greatly designed and offers different variation to suit your style. Looks great on mobile as it does on a desktop. The strongest point though is customer service. They are extremely fast to respond and also will help you with any details, no matter how minor or grand it is. Best decision I made purchasing this theme and will buy from them once again.
P.S. The theme comes with 6 months of support but I think it will definitely be extending it.


The best customer support I have ever seen, great theme, excellent performance, but the best when you buy a product like this, is people helping you to fix normal issues and doubts, and this team is the best, you are not just buying a product but an excellent support, do not doubt it, buy it.


This is my first ever use of a Shopify theme and it’s absolutely amazing. Tonnes of features, very well documented help guides and the support is second to none.

They were very fast at resolving any problems. I highly recommend this product.


Not only the website has a really great design, easy to use and customize but also their customer support is incredible. I was having issues with a few product listings because I have multiple variants in a single listing with 10+ images so the product page didn’t look right since the images where listed horizontally, I sent a quick email to their support email and got a response right away. They asked me to create a user for them to access the code of the website and made the modifications.

I highly recommend RoarTheme, great templates and very good customer support.

Juan Gomez


Dope customer support! Very fast and effective!


Wicked Theme, Definitely fits our market and the customisability is second to none! Thanks!


Imagine buying a theme that is easy to customize AND looks great AND has a ton of features AND has outstanding customer support? Well guess what? You found it.

I bought another theme from another seller on here and what a nightmare it was to customize for a beginner like me as it was built on HTML blocks. The worst part was their customer support where you post on a forum, wait for days and still don’t get the answer.

These guys have the friendliest and quickest customer support you’ll ever come across. When I say that they go over and beyond to solve your issues, I still wouldn’t be doing them justice.

With a little bit of effort, my store looks great…and what’s so cool about it is that it’s accentuated by little features that makes your store stand out above the rest like the snow effect on the logo for instance.

If you’re on the fence about this theme, it’s 100% worth every penny you spend.

Thank you team Roar Theme!


Great over all theme!


Beautiful modern theme will lots of options for customization.

The Customer Support from Roar Theme has been absolutely amazing. They are quick to respond and very patient while working through your requests.

Highly reccomend!


Great support, quick respond, vote them!!


Brilliant support, very easy theme to work with, will recommend roar theme any day.



Five Stars. Fast Support. I would love to buy all of the themes from Roartheme.



Beautiful theme and Great customer support.